Our Story

Twigseeds is the nest of illustrator and author, Kate Knapp. First hatched in Australia in the mid 90s, Twigseeds is famous for its colourful characters and heartfelt messages.

We believe that life is all about meaningful connection, finding your flock and making sense of the marvellous universe we call home. Sometimes we just want to spread a little light into someone's world. To spark a smile or a laugh. To send a big warm hug, or to say that we appreciate all you do. That we hope you are as happy as a seagull with a french fry. Or to simply say... we love you.

Twigseeds creates quiet space for meaningful connection in a noisy world.

Kate Knapp, Australian artist, in the Twigseeds Studio

About Kate Knapp

Kate Knapp is an Australian author and illustrator.

Her studio, Twigseeds, has given flight to a world of colourful characters, including the charming and much loved aware hare, Ruby Red Shoes.

The Twigseeds band of furry and feathery friends have grown a following of both children and grown-ups alike. They have appeared in books, magazines, art prints, greeting cards, stationery, plush toys and bed linen.

Kate creates all her artwork by hand, using pencil, ink, watercolour... and a bit of magic.

Photo of Kate painting by Sarah Wood Photography (above). Photo of Kate Knapp by Natalie McComas (right).