Twigseeds Rock Pool

Artwork Inspiration 'Rock Pool Meditations’

I hopped along the rocks by the sea this morning until I found a massive pebble beside a rock pool to sit down upon. With the warming sunshine on my face, I dangled my feet in the glassy water. Rock pools fascinate me. I could sit still forever, waiting to glimpse the shy little folk darting in and out of their watery rooms, so cleverly built into the rocky clefts and charmingly decorated with barnacles, coral, and seaweed. Each pool is so peaceful while, just a few steps away, its immense source roars.

This pastime inspired one of my illustrations: a spotty dog is enjoying a tranquil moment while its seagull chum raises the alarm about a potential toe-biting crab.

The ancient parts of the world fill me with steadiness and calm. Gazing upon the horizon, the world levels out, and I feel balanced. Sitting on a rock that is aeons old puts time into perspective, and I feel less pressured. The ocean's salty waves, some days gentle and steady and others wild and chaotic allow me to hold my moods lightly. The great ocean's ceaseless rhythm connects me to the far greater pulse of all creation, and here I find peace.

I took these inspiring words by Christina Rossetti with me to ponder.

What are heavy? Sea-sand and sorrow.
What are brief? Today and tomorrow.
What are frail? Spring blossoms and youth.
What are deep? The ocean and truth.
– Christina Rossetti

Perhaps you would like to ask the same questions of yourself.

What is heavy to hold?
What is brief?
What is frail?
Where am I deepest?
What would you find at the deep end of your life?

With love,


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